Central Heating and Hot Water Plumbing Services

Poorly flushing or overflowing toilet

We can repair your toilet flushing or overflowing issue and often on the first visit. We carry an extensive range of parts for all the common faults. If the toilet is of an uncommon type, we are happy to source the parts required and we will return promptly to complete the repair for you. A visit to repair a faulty toilet can be booked using the button below:

We do not unblock toilets or work on waste water plumbing/drains

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Plumbing repair visit

We carry out repairs of all types of hot and cold water plumbing related issues such as faulty showers, leaking pipes, cold radiators, broken timers, noisy pumps and much more. We carry an extensive range of parts for all the common plumbing faults, and we will aim to get the issue resolved on the visit if possible. If we are unable to get the issue resolved on the first visit we will ensure that the situation is left under control, we will quote for the further work required and we will return promptly to complete the job. A visit to repair your plumbing issue can be booked using the button below:

We do not unblock toilets or work on waste water plumbing/drains

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An important part of any heating system is the radiators. Not only do they need to heat the room they occupy efficiently but position and type are also important to our customers. We can move radiators to a more convenient location, upgrade to a larger size to provide more heat or install something fancy like old fashioned school radiators, modern art types or a simple towel rail for the bathroom. We can also install new radiators in previously unheated rooms such as garage/loft conversions, conservatories or extensions.

Hot Water Cylinder

Your hot water cylinder should last 10-15 years. If your cylinder is over 10 years old it will be less efficient than a new one and is probably full of scale. Your hot water cylinder, if not replaced will, one day, either leak or become so full of scale that you will not be able to draw sufficient amounts of hot water.

We can replace your cylinder at any stage.

Unvented Hot Water


Unvented Hot Water provides hot water at mains pressure (the same flow you receive from your cold tap in the kitchen sink) which means that you can fill baths quickly, have powerful showers with no noisy pumps and run several outlets at the same time with little or no reduction in flow. Unvented hot water is ideal for larger properties with several bathrooms/en-suites and can also be fitted in a small flat to increase hot water flow when there is no access to the loft space.

Stored hot water that is at high pressure and sealed from the atmosphere needs to be installed and maintained by a suitably qualified company/engineer. BGM Heating and Plumbing is not only fully trained in this area but also has many years of experience.

Installation of pressurised hot water cylinder
“I would just like to endorse the excellent work of BGM for the installation of my new pressurised hot water boiler. Tidy, knowledgeable, helpful and courteous. I have been enjoying oodles of hot water at excellent pressure ever since. Thank you BGM!”
Customer in Newbury (14 March 2013)


BGM Ppwer Flushing 1

Also known as System Flushing or Jet Flushing - it has several different names. It can be carried out incorrectly, unnecessarily and/or rushed, sometimes causing more problems than it fixes. If we feel that you have received bad advice and don't agree that a Power Flush is required then we will not carry out the work. We do however recommend a Power Flush is carried out with a new boiler installation as small amounts of system debris can block the small waterways of modern condensing boilers.

BGM Ppwer Flushing 1

A system requiring a Power Flush heats up slowly, has cold spots on the radiators, some radiators are only warm or even cold. Other problems may include repeated pump and/or valve failures and you may have noticed black sludge when removing radiators for decorating. After we have established that your system requires a Power Flush we will quote for the work to be carried out, confident that when the job is complete you will notice a huge improvement in the heating system.

To Power Flush a heating system we first attach a large pumping machine to your system. Using chemicals, a large magnet and the high flow that the pump creates we remove the sludge and system debris and send them down the drain one radiator at a time. This process can take up to 6-8 hours depending on the severity of the problem. When the procedure is complete your system will be free of sludge and debris, full of clean fresh water and treated with chemicals to prevent future problems.

Magnetic Filter

A device can be installed within your heating system to collect black sludge and system debris travelling around the system that could otherwise have become lodged in your boiler, pump and valves causing component/system failure. This simple device, either the ADEY Magnaclean or the Fernox TF1 can save the cost and bother of future breakdowns especially when fitted with a modern combination boiler.

De-scaling and scale protection

One of the more common faults we come across is scale within combination boilers. The result of this build-up of scale is reduced hot water flow and if left unchecked no hot water at all.

We can replace components or descale boilers and pipe work to remove this scale and restore hot water flow but to really tackle the problem and prevent a recurrence a scale reducer should be installed.

De scaled all hot water pipework
“I had a problem with hot water and had 2 plumbers and 1 heating engineer out and no-one could come up with a solution. I emailed Barry to explain the situation and he emailed me back straight away and said I needed my pipes descaled, it was the correct solution. We now have hot running water with no problems after a year of problems.”
Customer in Newbury (3 November 2014)
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