Save money and enjoy the benefits of soft water. No more scale means lower fuel bills!

It's estimated that just over half of all UK households suffer the effects of hard water and the trouble hard water can cause is well known. From the humble kettle 'furring up' to the dishwasher and washing machines running less efficiently and suffering potential damage. It also affects the heating system and scale build-up can cause a number of problems. All of which cost money. Yet the simple addition of a water softener can save all these headaches as well as giving you silky smooth water, so soft, you will really notice the difference in the bath and shower.

It will remove existing scale, prevent new scale forming, is kinder to your skin, reduces your consumption of soaps and shampoos and makes your laundry brighter and softer to the touch as well as helping your dishwasher keep glassware free from streaks.

As an authorised supplier and installer of the Monarch Plumbsoft Water Softener systems, BGM have been helping their customers save money as well as giving their appliances a longer life. We recommend the Monarch system for a number of reasons. The range of models available allows customers to get the right size device for their home. The compact size means they take up little space and can be easily hidden away. The design allows for easy maintenance, high flow rate and maximum efficiency. And being non-electric, there's no additional costs to worry about once the system is up and running. All you need to do is keep it topped up with salt.

Our water softeners come with a seven-year warranty on parts and a two-year warranty on labour and with our competitive pricing and quality workmanship there really has never been a better time to invest in improving the quality of your water. Please get in touch with us if you would like more information or download the Monarch brochure here.

Monarch Plumbsoft Water Softener range